OK, that's not exactly breaking news, so here's a little more about us :)

Insight Pest Solutions is a small pest control company that was founded by Adam Villareal in 2010. We started with locations in 4 cities, and have since grown to 19 offices. We are passionate about building the communities in which we operate. We frequently participate in fundraisers, community events, youth athletics, and more. In 2013, we were very pleased to hire our 50th full-time employee. Two years later, we reached a big milestone in 2015 and hired our 100th full-time employee! We are proud to be a growing small business.

There’s plenty of companies competing to be the biggest and cheapest, so we focus on providing a high-quality service that keeps our customers safe and happy. We continue to grow fairly quickly and want to thank our loyal customers for being patient with us as we grow. Since you’re still reading, here’s a funny story…one time we accidentally emailed our entire customer base that they had a past-due balance of $40.00 on their account…that was an awkward mistake. Note that this story is only funny in hindsight!

In the summer of 2013, we began a regular routine of surveying our customers. Thanks for all the tremendous feedback, both good and bad. We are constantly working to make things better for you! Thanks for rewarding us with your loyal business!