Frequently Asked Questions

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General Pest Control Questions

+ What if my neighbors don’t get pest control?

Your home will still be protected. We guarantee your pest issues will be controlled, regardless of whether you are the only person on the block with pest control.

+ What if I have an ant hill or some other problem way out in my yard?

Let your technician know about it and he’d be happy to do a spot treatment on your property.

Insight Pest Solutions

+ What other services do you provide?

Termite Control, Mosquito Control, Flea and Tick Reduction, and more. For a complete list, click on the page for our nearest location and then scroll down to the Pest Programs section

First Treatment

+ Why do I see more bugs after the first treatment?

If you see a temporary increase in pest activity, that is normal. This is one signal that our treatment is working. If the activity has not calmed down within two weeks, let us know.

Quarterly Treatments

+ Will I always be treated on the same day once every 3 months?

Typically, no. Due to many variables, the exact service dates usually vary.


+ How can I leave private feedback about my technician?

Visit our Contact page and fill out the feedback form.

Pricing & Payment

+ What if I experience financial hardship?

We hate to hear that, but we’d be happy to help. Please contact us in advance so we can discuss potentially delaying your treatment or the date of payment being processed.

Is your question not listed?

Please type your question here, along with your phone or email address and we will get an answer to you as fast as possible, usually within one business day.