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Our Method for Each Visit


Your technician will introduce himself, discuss any pest activity, and explain what he will be doing. While removing any spider webs around the perimeter, your technician will perform an inspection to check for changes in pest activity.


We call and/or email you about a week before the next appointment. You can respond with a quick note for your tech.


Your technician will explain what pest activity was found and treated for. Whenever possible, he will share practical tips for preventing future issues. You will receive a statement of the work performed for your records.


We follow the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM). Rather than mindlessly pumping loads of chemicals all over your house, we prefer to use a small amount of the best products in the right places. To create a barrier that will protect your home and family, the exterior will be treated on each visit, while the interior is performed by request.


Our Pest Control Boston Services

If pests are invading your home, it’s time to fight back! Insight Pest’s locally owned Boston location offers trusted, top-quality exterminator services in Boston and the surrounding area. As one of our largest locally owned offices, we’re proud to provide pest and termite control help to residents in greater Boston and the entire eastern Massachusetts region.

Our experienced technicians provide both residential and commercial pest control services with excellence in mind. We understand that pest problems can seriously impact your home or business. Unlike other pest control companies, our team provides reliable solutions for bed bugs, wildlife removal, ant removal, and many other potential pest problems. Let our team handle your pest problem so you can get back to Fenway to watch the Red Sox! Give us a call today to find out how we can help you exterminate unwanted pests.

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Main Pest In The Boston Area

Among the most disturbing and disruptive pests are termites. They may be very small, but they can cause loads of damage to your home. They feed off wood and anything containing cellulose, including wallpaper, books, furniture, and drywall. The structural damage they make on homes forces people to empty their wallets to fix the catastrophe. Termites populate exponentially. If you happen to see one termite in your home, chances are there are hundreds of others hiding in your walls. Signs of termite damage in your home include excessively squeaky floorboards, drooping or discolored drywall, small holes in drywall, and crumbling damaged wood. Mounds of dry wood termite pellets can be left behind by small termites as well. They resemble small piles of salt or pepper. If you suspect any termite activity or damage in your home, contact Insight Pest Control Services Boston, MA, for termite treatment as soon as possible! Do not let these dreadful pests take over your home!


There is nothing worse than hearing the skittering of rats in your walls or finding mice droppings on your kitchen floors! House mice live under various conditions and can plague homes, farms, land, and businesses. They contaminate surfaces they come in contact with and carry serious diseases and bacteria, putting you and your loved ones in danger. Among exposing people to serious health risks, rodents and mice also cause significant property damage by gnawing at furniture, walls, wiring, and carpet. Mice populate often and quickly, guaranteeing the need for rodent control if one is spotted. Rodent control is especially important for urban areas like Boston.


Termites are tiny wood-eating pests that can become a huge problem if they aren’t detected. A single colony of termites is liable to cost homeowners hundreds of dollars worth of damage to a home’s foundation, so it’s important to find a trusted pest control company to get rid of them. Our termite control programs will stop termites and help protect your new construction or historic home from these destructive pests.