OK, that’s not exactly breaking news, so here’s a little more about us 🙂

Insight Pest Solutions is a small pest control company that was founded by Adam Villareal in 2010. We started with locations in 4 cities, and have since grown to 19 offices. We are passionate about building the communities in which we operate. We frequently participate in fundraisers, community events, youth athletics, and more. In 2013, we were very pleased to hire our 50th full-time employee. Two years later, we reached a big milestone in 2015 and hired our 100th full-time employee! We are proud to be a growing small business.

There’s plenty of companies competing to be the biggest and cheapest, so we focus on providing a high-quality service that keeps our customers safe and happy. We continue to grow fairly quickly and want to thank our loyal customers for being patient with us as we grow. Since you’re still reading, here’s a funny story…one time we accidentally emailed our entire customer base that they had a past-due balance of $40.00 on their account…that was an awkward mistake. Note that this story is only funny in hindsight!

In the summer of 2013, we began a regular routine of surveying our customers. Thanks for all the tremendous feedback, both good and bad. We are constantly working to make things better for you! Thanks for rewarding us with your loyal business!

Our Mission

Our mission at Insight is to promote and improve the quality of customer service to the customers we represent. Here at Insight we aspire to provide positive solutions and services to enhance the overall quality of life to its highest potential for the community in which we live, work, and do business.

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Our Team

We have been offering high-quality pest control services to Boston and the surrounding area since our inception. As one of our largest offices, we’re proud to provide pest control help to residents in greater Boston and the entire

Adam Villareal - President

Adam grew up in Michigan and spent a great deal of time in a variety of sports and the fine arts. After graduating from High School he attended college and graduated with Honors with a degree in both Public Relations and Interpersonal Communications. He has now been in pest control for 20 years and has developed a love for working with people and providing excellent service to the consumer market. He has worked in numerous positions within the industry including Sales, Branch and Region Manager, Director of Operations, Director of Marketing, President and CEO as well as a Partner of two multimillion dollar businesses. He was previously selected to serve on a prestigious Advisory Board for Bayer who is considered a leader of innovation and quality within the industry. He currently serves on the Board of Directors for the North Carolina Pest Management Association as well as the Chair of the Board of Directors for the Better Business Bureau of Eastern North Carolina. He enjoys giving back to the community and looks for opportunity to serve others. Adam lives in North Carolina with his wife of 19 years and 5 children. Most of his personal time is spent with his children in their various activities and dedicating time to his church in serving others. His focus is and always has been to be a supportive and loyal husband and father and to be an example and mentor in the business world worthy of the respect of others.

Tom Flaherty - Vice President of Operations

Joe Thigpen - Training and Business Development

What can said about Joe Thigpen that he hasn’t already made up about himself? Honestly, not much. Joe was born in the per-capita murder capital of the USA: Fayetteville, NC. Home to legendary military units like Delta Force and the JSOC, Fayetteville also produced Joe. The difference between them is staggering. After being diagnosed with what doctors called “a little bit of a weight problem” Joe realized the only fight he was capable of winning was against household pests.After becoming a certified blackbelt in all aspects of human/pest warfare Joe was graced with the opportunity to become a traveling trainer with Insight Pest Solutions. After building an army of pest killing warriors second to none in the industry Joe turned his attention to playing belly button songs to the owner. This sweet, sweet music resulted in Joe being promoted to the role of Technical Director. In this role Joe created a companywide training program despite his lack of people skills and proper hygiene. He also took on additional responsibilities in a plan to keep him busy and out of trouble.In his new role as Director of Sales and Business Development Joe has built Insight’s Outside Sales Rep Program and is currently trying to hone his skills as a moderately funny standup comedian around the office. When not sharpening his mad comedic skills(his words, not ours), his bug killing skills, nun chuck skills, bow staff skills, and feeding ham to his fat llama named Tina, Joe looks forward to teaching the new generation of Insight techs about how kids these days don’t know anything.Joe firmly believes that Elvis and Tupac are alive and working on a killer crossover album, that he is the greatest thing since sliced bread, and Anna Nichole Smith married for love. That’s right folks Work Hard, Play Hard, and Love Extra Hard(especially you Shakira).

Lee Kemp - General Manager

Second youngest of 8 children who was raised in Southern California before moving to and graduating from high school in Farmington, NM. Lee was Captain of the high school varsity and his club soccer team who were NM State champions. One of Lee’s proudest moments was being selected as a starter for the High School Senior All-Star Game that opened for the U.S. Men’s National Soccer Team against Mexico. Lee attended Pima Community College and the University of Arizona in Tucson, Az before enlisting into the United States Marine Corps.Lee is known for his analytical thinking to improve the daily operations within the Customer Care Center. In April of 2010, Lee started at Insight as one of the original Start Technicians who worked his way into a Route Technician role, Lead Technician, and then an Operations Manager in 2015 before stepping into his current role of overseeing the CCC here at Insight.When he is away from the office, Lee enjoys spending time with his wife and two girls, along with their 2 large rescue dogs. When Lee is not screaming at his Oakland Raiders on Sundays, he and his wife enjoy going to College Football games on Saturdays.

Meghan Pridgen - HR Manager

In 1985 the legendary “Diamond” David Lee Roth sang “I wish they all could be California girls”, well his wish was granted in October of that year when Meghan was born. She is the youngest of 7 and the crowning achievement that finally allowed her parents to stop having kids. She spent her formative years in California before, in a move that would make the late John Candy proud, crossing over the Donner Pass and heading east to North Carolina where she began her career in human resources.Over the past 14 years Meghan has acquired a special set of skills that have made her a very valuable asset for any business and a formidable foe for any employees that aim to misbehave. Despite her best efforts she is still quite helpless in a kidnapping situation as those skills are not the same ones that Liam Neeson acquired in his long career. She is currently finishing her degree from Capella University and holds out hope that this degree will bestow his ninja like abilities upon her.Between her time building bridges with business leaders, benefit vendors, and the LinkedIn community Meghan has written and developed the Insight employee handbook, developed policies and protocols, and developed training programs to meet the evolving needs of the organization. To accomplish this, she has singlehandedly financed the Starbucks near the office and consumed enough coffee to stop the heart of a thoroughbred racehorse.She is well respected by her coworkers for her firm but fair approach to dealing with HR issues that arise, and her ability to deal with sensitive information has made her a trusted member of the Insight management team. She is also a frequent 2nd place finisher to Insights marketing manager in a race for the best parking spot at work, but that’s ok because she can’t win at everything.When not at the office Meghan is a soccer mom to 3 boys and a golf widow to a loving husband. Her favorite hobby is running but she has yet to yield as she fights a never-ending battle against the mountains of laundry that threaten to overtake her home daily.

Jeff Allen - Data and Analytics Manager

Nic Green - Marketing Manager

Nic hails from the rugged state of Idaho. Where is Idaho you ask? It’s ok, so does everyone. After growing to a size that people constantly ask him how tall he is Nic attended Idaho State University before embarking on what has been a long and interesting career in Marketing, Graphic Design, and Photography. A nomad in his younger years, Nic has traveled the land from Idaho to Texas, back to Idaho, Utah, again to Texas, before settling down in Holly Springs, NC.Before joining Insight Pest Solutions he once mistook a cricket in his living room for a spider and made his wife help him hunt it down until the embarrassing truth was revealed. Since starting at Insight he now knows the difference.In his spare time he enjoys sports, photography, and finding creative ways to avoid doing chores around the house. Nic has one son who is obsessed with comic books and a wife who is obsessed with returning everything she buys the next day. He has achieved one half of his lifelong goal of becoming a handsome billionaire.

Yarismar Rosa-Miranda - Revenue Manager

She’s the “sweet little girl” born in the 80s in the Beautiful Island of Puerto Rico. Her Refreshingly Unique name is derived from the Caribbean Sea. She is the second of three children. But she’s the only Girl, yes; “daddy’s spoiled little girl”.She married her favorite teddy bear and she’s the mother of four boys and one girl. As she has grown up constantly surrounded by “stinky boys”, she has realized that sometimes, boys' stuff is better; their clothes are comfier, their razors seriously work better and less is more.Her family describes her as the Life of the Party, loving, caring, determined and vigorous individual. She encourages working for what you desire and believe in. Growing up, Yarismar envision her dream job being a Lawyer. She enjoyed creating little debates with her brothers about logic, arguing her point and looking for evidence. But at the age of 19, she was welcomed to the “Banking World” and her dream quickly changed.Fast forward to the present day, Yarismar has over 15 years of successful strategic and tactical leadership experience within the credit and collections industry. Her experience encompasses leadership and management of all phases of Debt Collection with a strong focus on 1st and 3rd party agency management, internal write-off recovery and revenue operations. She has lead initiatives in the areas of performance management, collection strategy development, collector training, and risk and compliance. She is a member of the ACA International and has earned the Scholar Designation, Professional Collections Specialist Designation and the Credit and Collection Compliance Professional Designation from the Association of Credit and Collection Professionals.Yarismar showed her passion for learning by enrolling and graduating from Leadership Osceola County, Florida program, a regional leadership development program. She is also a graduate of Florida State University’s Certified Public Management program, a nationally recognized leadership development program and she has a Business-Finance Degree from DeVry University.She’s obsessed with the beach, the smell of the sea, the feel of the breeze, the sound of the crashing waves. Over the years she has learned that the pain of discipline is greater than the pain of failure. She’s not afraid to change course rather she finds motivation in challenging environments. When the going gets rough, she likes to take a break and do something fun, then she refocuses and gets through whatever she’s facing. There is absolutely nothing she won’t do to succeed and get through the periodic quicksand, no matter how hard it gets she will dress up and with coffee in hand and a big smile on her face she shows up and gets it done.