Infographic: termites and termite control

Everything you wanted to know...and more

By Adam Villareal

After being in the Pest Control and Termite Control industry for longer than I’d care to admit, I’ve noticed there are many myths, exaggerations, and half-truths floating around about termites. Since Termite Awareness Week is here, I wanted to provide the average homeowner with practical takeaways and answers to all the common (and not-so-common) questions.

1. Signs of Termites

What should you keep an eye out for? Where should you look for termites? How can you tell an ant vs a termite? How much damage can termites wreak?

2. Common Questions

How do termites get inside the home? What are termite swarms? Can termites live above ground too?

3. Myth or Fact

Will a good termite treatment really last twenty years? How fast do termites destroy homes?

4. Anatomy of a Colony

What is the lifecycle of a termite? What are termite castes? Which species should I be concerned about?

5. Treatment FAQs

Are termiticides genuinely safe? How much does a termite treatment cost? Are there any organic options?

6. Takeaways for homeowners

What to do if you have termites What to do if you don't have termites

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