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Insight Pest Solutions Appleton

1430 N. Graceland Ave Appleton, WI 54911

M-F: 8am - 7pm
Saturday: 8am - 3pm

Areas of Service

Madison | Appleton | Middleton | Verona | Mount Horeb | Oregon | Waunakee | Shorewood Hills | Oshkosh | Green Bay | Fond Du Lac | Janesville

Our Method for Each Visit


Your technician will introduce himself, discuss any pest activity, and explain what he will be doing. While removing any spider webs around the perimeter, your technician will perform an inspection to check for changes in pest activity.


We call and/or email you about a week before the next appointment. You can respond with a quick note for your tech.


Your technician will explain what pest activity was found and treated for. Whenever possible, he will share practical tips for preventing future issues. You will receive a statement of the work performed for your records.


We follow the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM). Rather than mindlessly pumping loads of chemicals all over your house, we prefer to use a small amount of the best products in the right places. To create a barrier that will protect your home and family, the exterior will be treated on each visit, while the interior is performed by request.


Our Pest Control Appleton Services

Our pest control procedures are both safe and effective. With the extensive knowledge of our technicians mixed with the science of insects, we can treat homes effectively in a safe way without sacrificing quality. We are aware that no two properties are the same. This means that you don’t need some cookie-cutter service! You need a pest control service plan that is customized to the needs of your specific home and situation.

Customization is exactly what you get when you choose Insight Pest Solutions. Each time our technicians come to your home, they will service your property according to your concerns and the needs found during the inspection. To ensure you are provided with the highest quality pest control services, our technicians will follow up after your initial visit to ensure that everything looks good. They will provide whatever treatment is needed to ensure that your property has continuous protection from pests year-round.

What People Think About Us

Main Pest In The Appleton Area

Letting rodents live on your property is a no-no. Rodents can damage your property, eat your food, or spread disease. Luckily, we are here for you as your local rodent control and mice control experts. We offer mice and rat extermination services to rid your home of rodents once and for all. We’ll assess the risk of rodents finding their way inside your home during our inspections and offer rodent control tips to minimize that risk. Our professional rat exterminators at Insight Pest Solutions will work hard to eradicate mice and rodents from your home. Our pest control treatments can be customized and catered to your specific situation so that we can best serve you and exceed your expectations!


As soon as you recognize you may have a bed bug problem on your hands, call for a bed bug exterminator immediately. To identify bed bug infestation, keep an eye out for rusty-colored stains on your mattress and pillow. You should also take note of any bed bug bites you have received. Bed bugs often bite in a straight line across your skin. When you see signs of a bed bug infestation, call Insight Pest Solutions for bed bug treatment immediately because one fertile female rapidly turns into an infestation that can get out of control very quickly. Receiving a bed bug treatment in your home is the only way to guarantee that your space is free and clear of these speedily multiplying pests. We offer a thorough bed bug control service that will leave your home free of bed bugs! Take back your bedroom space by hiring the professionals at Insight Pest Control Appleton to eliminate all your unwanted visitors.