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Youth Sports: Season Recap

August 11, 2015

One of our priorities at Insight is to support our communities by participating in service events, sponsoring sports teams, and even marching in holiday parades. We love being involved in the communities we serve.

This past spring season, several of our team members had a blast attending some of the games of our soccer, baseball and softball teams.

Our favorite part was watching the camaraderie, teamwork, and discipline these kids were learning and experiencing out on the field.  We have some really talented players, and all three of our teams had very successful seasons.

The Insight baseball team made it all the way to the championship, but lost in a tough game.

“We beat the number 1 seed in the semi-finals to get to the championship,” said coach, Mike Ostrander. “The boys fought hard and really came together when it mattered most.   We had some kids playing baseball for the first time, so for those boys to come together and finish the season as finalists was quite impressive.”

Insight Baseball team (ages 9-10)

The Insight girls’ softball team took home the gold. They finished the season in first place after winning the tournament. “It was a great game and the girls really performed well,” said coach Shane Shird.

Shird said he has coached youth softball for a few years now and he’s enjoyed all his seasons as coach. But, “This season was something special,” he said.

“There is always a mix of talents and abilities but this team blended those talents together exceptionally well … All-in-all we had 12 girls that played as one and the results spoke for themselves,” Shird said.

Insight Softball team (ages 9-10)

The Insight soccer team also had a great season under the leadership of coach Josh Foltz. The team finished the season with a winning record.

Insight Soccer team (ages 5-6)

Congratulations to all the players, coaches and parents on a phenomenal season! We’ll see you out on the field next year!

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