Winter Pest Proofing

Insight takes great pride in our innovations and the ability to provide a customized service to our customers. One of the customizations critical in protecting your home and family is adapting to different pest issues during the four seasons.

As the colder season draws near there will be an increased motivation for pests to look for a place to over-winter. Some people mistakenly believe that pest control isn’t needed throughout the Winter months. On the contrary the need is often increased and necessary.

In most cases the same insects that exist during the Spring, Summer and Fall are also active during the Winter months as well. Insects just like humans and animals find ways to adapt during the coldest of temperatures making pest control just as important during the Winter. They seek alternative water sources and harborage sites in and around your home. If pest activity and harborage sites are not addressed during the Winter months, it often results in larger pest populations in the spring. Protecting your Home and Family is our priority and providing critical services during the Winter months helps us to accomplish this.

We’ve included in this page some Homeowner Tips that may be beneficial for you to consider as well as a description of some of the services that are rendered during the Winter months that will help Pest Proof your home.

As always, thank you for choosing Insight to protect your Home and Family. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

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