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Discover why the pest control professionals make Insight Pest Solutions one of the top pest control companies in the area. We are dedicated to providing pest control services to greater Wilmington and the Wilmington coastal area. Our team specializes in eliminating pests with comprehensive treatments designed to protect your home, property, and family. As one of the leading Wilmington pest control companies, we are focused on giving high-quality pest control solutions that make our customers happy and keep them safe year round.

Our pest professionals are a group of pest control experts who are committed to finding the root cause of your pest issues and treating them to ensure more don’t arise. We want to make sure that you get safe, effective treatments for your home, so we put together a pest treatment plan to eliminate pests like bed bugs, cockroaches, mice and other rodents, ants, and termites, and more.

Call us today to schedule a free pest inspection or start a free quote online to learn more about our comprehensive treatment plans. Some of our treatments in the Wilmington area include:


We proudly offer exceptional pest control and termite control services for Greater Wilmington, NC and the Wilmington Coast, including the following cities:

“I am a business owner myself and it’s nice to come across other businesses who actually care about their customers. Insight Pest Solutions has been exceptional.”

Laurie Barker

“I had another company previously but still continuously saw bugs even after calling them out between treatments. I am very happy with the results of Insight.”

Barbara Simpson

“I am very happy with the service and especially with the lack of bugs! It works!”


Wilmington, North Carolina

Wilmington is one of the most beautiful coastal cities in North Carolina. The vivid waterfront and island beaches draw in tourists and locals alike. In the 1980s, a riverwalk was built along the coast of the Cape Fear River near Wilmington’s historic downtown. This attraction was originally built to incentivize tourists and still stands today as a popular place to hang out, enjoy beautiful views, have a nice dinner by the water, or make a stop at historical monuments. 

Even for those who are visiting the city for the first time, it is likely that you will recognize some areas around town because Wilmington has been featured in over 400 movies and TV shows; Iron Man 3, One Tree Hill, and The Conjuring, just to name a few.  


The Best Pest Control Wilmington NC Tailors Services to Your Needs

Do you have problems with pests? We’ve got the right solutions. Most of the concerns you have will likely be taken care of with our regular pest control services. But when you have a more specific problem, we are prepared with a solution. For example, if you notice signs of a termite infestation, you are in dire need of termite treatment. Signs of termite damage include wood damage (often from the inside out), bubbling paint, clicking sounds coming from your walls, mud tubes close to the foundation of your home, or termite wings and wood-colored droppings that have been left behind. When you come to us with specific concerns, whether that be mosquito control, wasp nest removal, spider web removal, or more, we will provide you with a service tailored to your needs. 

If termites end up being an issue you run into, come to us for the best termite inspection Wilmington NC has to offer. Our termite inspection process will identify potential entry points or breeding grounds for termites. Additionally, through sprays or bait systems, our preventative treatments will ensure that the termites do not become a problem any time soon. If your termite infestation is severe, our tenting services will help to end the crisis once and for all.


Bed Bug Treatments

As soon as you recognize you may have a bed bug problem on your hands, call for a bed bug extermination immediately. To identify bed bug infestation, keep an eye out for rusty-colored stains on your mattress and pillow. You should also take note of any bed bug bites you have received. When you see signs of a bed bug infestation, call the exterminator immediately because one fertile female rapidly turns into an infestation that can get out of control very quickly. Receiving a bed bug treatment in your home is the only way to guarantee that your space is totally free and clear of these speedily multiplying pests. We offer a thorough bed bug control service that will leave your home free of bed bugs! Take back your bedroom space by hiring the professionals at Insight Pest Control Wilmington to eliminate all your unwanted visitors. 



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