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Where Do Bugs Go During Winter: The Most Common Hiding Spots Revealed

November 14, 2019

If you’re like most of homeowners we talk to you, you probably see more pests in and around your home in warmer months than cooler months.

But do the bugs really just “go away” during the winter months or are they closer to our homes than we think?

Let’s take a closer look to discover where pests migrate during colder months.

About Searching for Bugs in the Home During Winter

Migration is one way to describe how or why bugs and insects will seek warmth and shelter during the chilly months of winter. Crop pests and even monarch butterflies do this in order to survive and along with finding warmth, these insects and bugs migrate to find food and nutrition for themselves. 

You see, insects and bugs find it especially hard to locate this food outside. During winter, the ground can freeze and nature is not so accommodating for pests in terms of food. For this reason, your home is an obvious target and the most accommodating place to call home during winter.

Let’s take a quick look at the most common hiding spots to check for bugs in winter:

Deterring and Removing Termites, Roaches and More

Bugs such as termites, roaches, silverfish, and ants thrive indoors and can also sometimes reside in between your walls. Other types of insects have a tendency to reside in areas such as your hardwood floors, drain pipes, tree branches, and even inside the chimney.

Checking for the Webs, Eggs and Nests of Spiders

Spiders are especially challenging to find in the home because they often hide in the smallest nooks and crannies. Instead of looking for the actual spider, try searching for webs, egg cases, and nests. As for how to remove these spiders, simply clean out the cobwebs and nests that you find. 

Assessing the Kitchen and Bathroom 

Bugs and insects will often come in search of moisture. Needless to say, your kitchen and bathroom is the first place that you will find this kind of environment. In order to deter pests, try to keep these areas dry at all times and clean out any nooks, crannies, and corners in these rooms.

By the way, what about the garden?

Have You Checked the Garden Pre-Winter?

While most homeowners focus their efforts indoors, many pest control experts recommend that you also pay attention to the garden. That is to say, you can seek out insects that burrow underground and remove the risk of them coming inside your home entirely. With a rake or shovel, it’s quite easy to combat these areas and clear out a large population of the insects that might target your home.

How to Get Rid of Pests Fast and Effectively

As you may know, pests can arrive in their hundreds or thousands and food and moisture are often the reason they come so quickly. At the same time, these pests also enjoy the warm temperatures inside the home and can easily squeeze through the tiniest or insignificant cracks in your home.

But do you know how to get rid of pests?

Wherever you see them, check for cracks or crannies and fill these gaps to prevent them from coming inside. However, contacting a pest control professional is the absolute best way to get rid of pests and prevent them from arriving at all. Remember, all Insight Pest Solution clients can request service in between their regularly scheduled quarterly serviced visits at no additional cost to them.

Final Thoughts

According to pest control experts, keeping your house clean and tidy is one of the key factors in terms of how to get rid of pests. What’s more, always do a spot-check of the places mentioned above and ensure the home is the least desirable place for pests during the winter months.

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