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Lifestyle of Pests During Each Season

November 1, 2019

Does colder weather REALLY mean there are less pests? Although you may see less pests rummaging around your home in colder months, can you really put concerns about pests to rest?

Out of sight out of mind, right?

Not so fast.

Just like you, a lot happens in a pest’s life cycle throughout the year. How do your day-to-day activities differ in the summer when compared to winter? Chances are you probably spend more time outside in the summer and you prefer the warmth of your home in the winter.

Whether you want to believe it or not, there are similar behaviors between pests and humans in how we go about each day in warmer months and cooler months.


Lifestyle of Pests and Bugs During Each Season



In the summer months, we get a short break from most insects since this is their time to mature and develop. However, certain species become a more proactive threat during these months and give us a reason to always have pest solutions available. 

Mosquitoes become a headache as they swarm more areas during the warmer season. An increase in temperature also means an increase in the life cycle of mosquitoes allowing them to mature faster. Moreover, stagnant water which can be found in barrels of water of puddles brought about by the summer rain becomes a suitable place for them to lay their eggs. Not only are they a bother to deal with, but also a carrier of deadly diseases. 

Bees and wasps are also common and another threat when their population swells during the summer. Insight Pest Solutions actively seeks our nests in order to remove this kind of threat but it’s important to detect and act early in such cases.



Fall becomes a signal for pests to seek solace inside your homes in preparation for the colder months. Insects like spiders, tend to go inside your houses in search of prey since the population of flying bugs dwindles. 

Pests become active to procreate and reproduce and search for male partners during these times. 

In addition, large pests take advantage of any holes or crevices that you have throughout your house. If left untouched throughout the colder months, Insight Pest Control advises that pests can become a real headache and constant source of annoyance.



Like you, pests need warmth and a nearby food source throughout the cold winter months. Rodents, roaches, and spiders are especially active during these months, specifically in warm, dark areas of a home where they can scavenge for food and remain safe.

It only makes sense, right? If bugs were REALLY gone in the winter, why do they reappear like clockwork as soon as the weather warms up? Where are the bugs hiding? 

You can tell how effective your pest prevention efforts were in the cooler months as soon as the weather begins to warm up. Do the pests resume their activities exactly from the last year? If yes, chances are they were always close by, even though you didn’t see them.



Spring brings about warmer temperatures that most people enjoy. With the melting of ice and a warmer breeze, insects that come out to play. In fact, a lot of these insects have just come out from hibernation and will actively seek food and water to replenish their energy. Ants are one of the common insects that forage during this time and they form impressive colonies in their efforts.

Springtime is also an ideal season for these bugs to mate. While their activity is to scavenge and look for sources of food and water, there will be those that will be left behind to guard their nests. It’s important to identify where these bugs will lay their eggs. This is critical for extermination.


Final Thoughts 

Whatever season you’re currently enjoying, pest control is an ongoing effort. While you can certainly take steps to prevent and remove these pests, the experts always know best. With this in mind, Insight Pest Solutions offers a full advisory and extermination service that can keep your home free of pests, insects and unwanted visitors at any time of year.



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