Wolf Spider

May 12, 2017

General Info: A common spider found in North America and many parts of the world.  Their excellent eyesight enables them to effectively hunt prey. Most wolf spiders are wanderers that either hunt food over short distances or wait in temporary burrows for prey to pass by.  Bites may be painful and itchy, but are not considered dangerous.

  • Length:   3/4″ – 2″
  • Region Found:   Worldwide
  • Residential Location:   Wolf spiders can be found under and around stones, landscape timbers, firewood, decks, leaf litter, and other locations. They typically do not climb above ground level.
  • Random/Interesting Fact:  Females carry egg sacs on their spinnerets. Baby spiders ride on the mother’s back until they are ready to fend for themselves.
  • Identification: They are typically dark brown with variations that help them camouflage into the local habitat.

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