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Roof Rat

May 12, 2017

General Info:

Roof Rats are found mostly in the upper parts of buildings and ships. They are excellent climbers. One female rat can have up to 40 babies in a year. They are also known as “Black Rat” or “Ship Rat”. Roof rats are slightly smaller than Norway Rats, with their tails longer than their heads and bodies combined!

  • Length:  Body-  6″ – 8″
  • Region Found:  In coastal states as well as in the southern parts of the United States.
  • Residential Location:  They live in colonies above, under, in and around structures.
  • Random/Interesting Fact:  Roof rats forage for food in groups of 10. They return to the same food source time after time.
  • Identification: They are brown or black with gray, white, or black undersides.

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