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Paper Wasps

May 12, 2017

AKA: “Umbrella Paper Wasp” or ” Golden Paper Wasp”

General Info:  Paper Wasps are not aggressive by nature, but they will sting if they are disturbed or if they feel threatened. Their name comes from the water-resistant, paper-like nests they build from a mixture of plant fibers and saliva.

  • Length:   5/8″ – 3/4″
  • Region Found:   Throughout the United States
  • Residential Location:   Comb nests are hung from twigs, branches, shrubs, windows, door frames, outdoor grills, eaves, deck floor joists, and more.
  • Random/Interesting Fact:   Paper wasps have facial recognition abilities comparable to humans and chimps. They know the faces of colony members just as we know the faces of friends and acquaintances!
  • Identification:  Paper Wasps are brownish with yellow and sometimes red markings. They are long-legged and the hind wing is usually small.

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