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Little Black Ants

May 12, 2017

AKA “Sugar Ants”

General Info: Yes, “Little Black Ants” is really the name for these tiny ants. Thay are often mistaken for Pharoah ants, odorous house ants and acrobat ants because they are all strongly attracted to sugar-based foods.

  • Length:   1/16″ (1.5-2 mm)
  • Region Found:   Throughout the United States
  • Residential Location:   Frequently seen in the kitchen and dining room areas.  Colonies are found around wookwork, cabinet and wall voids. They feed on grease , oil, meats, fruits, vegetables, corn meal and sweets.
  • Random/Interesting Fact:   Winged reproductibves appear from the months of June to August.
  • Identification: Dark brown and black, has antenna and a small stinger.

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