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German Roaches

May 12, 2017

General Info: These are the most common species of roaches. They feed off of virtually anything including soap, glue, toothpaste, crumbs, dog food, other insects and more.  German roaches infest indoors and multiply faster than other species.  Although these roaches are nocturnal, they will begin to move around during the day as roach populations over-crowd a structure. Once introduced to a new home, they are near impossible to control without an aggressive treatment from a professional.

  • Even if a home is kept very clean, these roaches can thrive.
  • Length:   1/2″ – 5/8″
  • Region Found:   German Roaches are found in virtually every climate because they live indoors where a home or building is heated.
  • Residential Location:  Will be found near warm and humid places close to food and moisture sources. Examples include kitchens, bathrooms, and basements.
  • Random/Interesting Fact:  In an ideal habitat, 2 German Roaches could reproduce to a population close to a million in a little over a year.
  • Identification:  German Cockroaches are small with parallel stripes located on the back under the head. Homes and furniture infested with German Roaches will have strong a foul odor. Look for small roaches, egg casings, and small dark spots in kitchens, bathrooms, cabinets, drawers, near appliances, and anywhere else.

Although it takes additional time and money, German Roaches can be controlled through an intensive German Roach Control program.

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