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Carpenter Bees

May 12, 2017

General Info:  These are commonly mistaken as bumblebees. Carpenter Bees are solitary bees that burrow into wood for their nests. They perfer wood that is at least 2 inches thick and not painted.  There are seven species found in the United States. Adult bees hibernate over the winter and emerge in the spring to feed on nectar.

Use a thick coat of paint or sealant to make carpenter bees less likely to destroy the wood on your property.

  • Length:   1/2″ – 1″
  • Region Found:   Throughout the United States
  • Residential Location:   Usually can be found borrowing into any wood around the outside of a house.
  • Random/Interesting Fact:   Carpenter bees actually don’t eat wood. They just excavate it to form their rests.
  • Identification: They are yellow or black, and are oval and robust in shape.

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