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Carpenter Ants

May 12, 2017

General Info: These ants get their common name from their habit of hollowing out galleries in pieces of wood for nesting purposes. This nesting habit can result in structural damage.  All species of carpenter ants mainly attack wood that is or has been wet and damaged by mold. Even though these ants first invade wet, decayed wood, they may soon begin building paths through dry, undamaged wood.

  • Length:   3/8″ – 3/4″
  • Region Found:   Throughout the United States, most commonly in Northeast and Northwest
  • Residential Location:   They usually come into buildings through cracks around doors, windows, or through holes for wires. They will also crawl along overhead wires, shrubs, or tree limbs that touch the building far above the ground. Carpentar ants can forage up to 300 feet.
  • Random/Interesting Fact:  Unlike termites, Carpenter Ants do not eat the wood they destroy.  Their excavation results in smooth tunnels inside the wood.
  • Identification: These are much bigger than normal ants and they have no stinger. Carpenter ants can be black, brown, and red.

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