Brown Recluse Spider

May 12, 2017

AKA “Fiddleback Spider”

General Info: Brown Recluse spiders are famous for their dangerous venom that rots skin (necrosis).  They like to inhabit dry, undisturbed areas for long periods of time. Fortunately, they are reclusive and rarely bite humans.  Most bites occur when someone puts on a glove, shoe, or piece of clothing the spider was living in.

  • Length:   1/4″ – 1/2″
  • Region Found:   South-Central states from Texas up to Nebraska, East to Kentucky, and South to Georgia.
  • Residential Location:   Sheds, wood piles, closets, chest-of-drawers.
  • Random/Interesting Fact:   These spiders often infest cedar shake roofs and spin irregular webs, which are used as a retreat.
  • Identification: Brown Recluse spiders have a marking that resembles a violin or fiddle, hence the name “fiddleback spiders”.
  • What To Do If Bitten: Periodically apply ice to the bite and seek medical attention if symptoms worsen.  If someone can safely catch the spider, this will help medical professionals confirm the appropriate anti-venom.
  • Symptoms of Brown Recluse Bite: Many people do not report feeling the initial bite, but it is followed by minor pain and itchiness, potentially accompanied by fever and chills. If an open sore develops 5-8 days later, you should absolutely seek medical help if you haven’t already.  The open sores frequently last several months and may require surgery if medical help is not sought early-on after the bite.

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