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May 12, 2017

Insight Pest Solutions does not offer control of birds.  We can only provide suggestions for bird deterrence, if desired.

General Info:  These warm blooded animals have feathered wings and body with scales on their lower legs and feet. The shape and sizes of a bird’s beak correlates with the types of food it eats. Nests are mostly found off the ground, but there are some who live in burrows underground. Although birds often eat insects, they are often considered a pest since they build nests on homes, carry diseases, and create a mess of droppings.

Length:  Size varies greatly

Region Found:   Throughout the United States

Residential Location: Usually there is evidence of a nest built around the tops of porches, near gutters, porch lights and fire places around the home.

Random/Interesting Fact:  Birds have hollow bones that help them fly.

Identification:  Appereance varies greatly

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