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How To Hire A Pest Control Company

March 13, 2020

Maybe you’re at that point where all the pest control DIY tips are not helping much with your pest problem or you simply don’t have the time to carry out the work yourself. 

Now you have to search for a professional pest control company. There are so many options to choose from but how do you know how to hire the right one, here are a few tips to help:

  1. Get recommendations from your friends, family, and neighbors about pest control services. Contact the companies and do a comparison of their offers.
  2. If chemicals are to be used, find out if they intend to use the least toxic and most environmentally-friendly option.
  3. Ensure that the company is registered with all relevant bodies, they have the required licenses and insurance and their status can be verified with the local authorities.
  4. Request a site inspection and a result of the inspection. If you are told to pay a fee, then they should be able to show you all the problem areas in your house and tell you exactly how they intend to fix it.
  5. Review all the solutions they offer. Ensure that the options are non-toxic to humans or pets and if they are, make sure that they take every precaution to protect them.
  6. Carefully review the contract you are given, and check that it contains all the essential information such as:
      1. Company name
      2. How long the contract would last
      3. Identified pest problem
      4. Treatment options
      5. The rationale for the options
      6. Price
      7. Guarantee
      8. Insurance information
      9. Penalty clauses (what happens if you decide to cancel the contract?

These tips cover the basics of what you should do before you hire a pest control company. A smart way to go about optimizing your time and money for pest control is by hiring professional services and a well-established and experienced company with coverage across the United States such as Insight Pest Solutions. 

All of the information that you require to make the decision can be found at Also, contact us for consultations and for further inquiries.

Make the right pest control decision today.


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