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How To Get Rid of Termites

October 29, 2020

Believe it or not, termites will not have a negative impact on your health.


But then why might you care about them inhabiting your home?


Termites cannot transmit any diseases but they can still be a cause of frustration and also destruction at every turn. That is, termites eat wood and cause structural damage to the home which inevitably leads to more headaches and expensive repairs.


They dig tunnels underground which means they can enter the home without your knowledge. Termites make themselves “at home” in skirting boards, door frames and just about any piece of wood in your home.


But how might you find or identify termites in your home?


Do you Have Termites In Your Home?


Simply put, you most often need to search for termites in the home. Some termites are more discreet as they dig deep down into wooden structures in the home. With this in mind, here’s a few quick tips to help you spot termites in the home:


Drywalls – If you notice a discoloration on a particular drywall, this is often a sign that termites are present. Similarly, anything that looks like water damage is often due to termites.


Wooden Structures – By knocking on wooden structures in the home, you might notice that some areas sound somewhat hollow. This may or may not be due to termites eating the wood inside of these structures within your home.


Windows or Doors – Windows and doors can sometimes feel stiff or even get stuck due to termites. Similarly, you might notice certain floorboards to be squeaky or tiles becoming loose in the kitchen or bathroom.


How to Get Rid of Termites in the Home


The truth is, pest control services are always the best option when you need to get rid of termites. Without a professional, you are likely to waste time in terms of identifying the root cause of your infestation. What’s more, you might even overdo it on the chemicals!


However, here’s a few options that might help you get rid of termites:

Boric Acid

Boric acid works really well on termites and attacks the digestive system of these pests. It can take up to one week to impact the termites, but the low level of toxicity means this is a relatively safe way to get rid of termites.

Poisoned Termite Bait


Poisoned bait means you will not have to spray pesticide around the home. Bait is also very effective when it comes to attracting termites and then spreading this poisoned bait when they return to the colony. In case you might be wondering, you can also sprinkle this bait around the outside of the home to prevent them from coming inside.


Chemical Treatment

If you spot termites in the home and want to take immediate action, there are chemical treatment sprays that you can use directly on the colony. Some of these sprays come in the form of a foam which expands and eventually eradicates any nearby termites.

Diatomaceous earth

Diatomaceous earth is found in the sediment of rivers and oceans, and works very well on termites. It’s also non toxic and an entirely natural way to get rid of termites. Due to the structure of the molecules, Diatomaceous earth acts like a razor blade and slices the skin of termites which eventually kills them off.

Final Thoughts 

It’s always better to consult a professional pest control service when you want to get rid of termites but home solutions can sometimes work just as well. Either way, termites might not be detrimental to your health but the stress and frustration caused by rotting wood and expensive repairs is most certainly enough reason to take action sooner rather than later.

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