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How To Get Rid of Spiders

September 29, 2020

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How To Get Rid of Spiders

Let’s face it, most of us would be happy to never see another spider ever again. It’s true, unlike most insects, spiders have a tendency to shock or scare at the very least. What’s more, it’s a lot more challenging to get rid of spiders as opposed to most other pests.

So what should you do next?

Well, there are still some ways in which you can deter these unwanted guests. But in order to know how to get rid of spiders, it’s just as important to understand what attracts them into your home in the first place.


Why Spiders are Attracted into Your Home

Bugs and insects attract spiders into the home. After all, spiders need to eat and bugs, insects or flies are the order of the day. Without these insects and bugs, spiders will either starve or leave the home and search for food in another location.

You should want to get rid of spiders and other pests because they do little more than harm your health or supplies in the home. It should also be said that spiders can carry and spread disease and they don’t even take time to clean themselves. Ugh!

Some spiders even bite and these bites can impact both your physical and mental health. For instance, both the black widow and wolf spider are far from harmless and the brown recluse can inject an especially nasty skin-rotting venom.

Need any more reasons to learn how to get rid of spiders?

Now, let’s take a look at how you can actually get rid of spiders in your home.


How to Get Rid of Spiders in Five Easy Steps

1. Take Measures to Get Rid of Insects/Bugs

As already mentioned, spiders feed on insects which means that eliminating these bugs can help get rid of spiders. Regular maintenance and cleaning is great for deterring bugs but chemical agents can also remove these unwanted guests from your home.

2. Trim Plants or Flowers in Your Home

Spiders love tall plants, cornstalks, sunflowers etc. For this reason, you can trim plants or trees so these plants are less appealing to spiders. It’s not a guarantee of course but this kind of action will certainly make your home less inviting to spiders.

3. Leave the Lights On to Deter Spiders

Did you know that spiders prefer dark places? If you have an area with lots of spiders, try leaving the lights on for extended periods until they leave. Because most spiders will eventually seek a new home rather than put up with this incessant lightshow!

4. Seal Gaps or Cracks in the Home

This one is simple, you can physically prevent spiders from coming into the home by sealing any cracks in the building. As with bugs, most spiders can squeeze through the smallest of cracks and prevention is often the best way to get rid of spiders from your home.

5. Remove Existing Webs in the Home

It’s quite sad really but you can deter spiders without causing them any harm. In this case, you can simply remove any cobwebs in the home which is likely to encourage the spider to move on elsewhere.


Final Thoughts

Learning how to get rid of spiders is really just about removing bugs and making the home seem less appealing for spiders. Regular cleaning is important in this regard but the above tips should be enough to get rid of spiders and rest easy when you go to sleep! If you’re wanting a professional’s touch to get rid of your spiders, call Insight Pest Solutions today.

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