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Plain City, OH is a small, suburban town located in the middle of Ohio. Plain City is just 30 minutes north of Columbus, OH, so it is a great place to live and commute to work in the big city. Residents and visitors can enjoy the abundant parks, shopping, wineries in the area.

Plain City, OH is also home to a host of annoying pests. Pests, like cockroaches, fire ants, and spiders, can cause major damage to residential and commercial properties and spread serious disease to local residents and visitors. In order to get rid of pests and prevent more from infesting your property, it’s essential that you find a pest control company in the Plain City, OH area that can address and eliminate your local pest issues in a safe, effective way.

Insight Pest Solutions Delivers the Best Pest Control

Insight Pest Solutions delivers expert pest control treatments that are designed to eliminate pests and prevent new ones from moving in. We are proud to serve Plain City, OH and the surrounding area with high-quality services that can protect properties in a safe way. We train our technicians in the most state-of-the-art pest control technologies on the market to ensure they are able to help solve your pest issues for good. Trust in Insight Pest Solutions and our services to get your property back from pests.

Our Local Services Include:

  • Quarterly Visits
  • Interior treatment including common pest entry points, inside walls, cracks and crevices
  • Spider Web removal up to 30'
  • Exterior Pest Control Treatment
  • Wasp Nest removal
  • Yard Spot treatments
  • Wildlife Control (separate service)
  • Termite Programs (separate service)
  • Bedbug Control (separate service)


Let us help you protect your home, property, and loved ones from pests. If you are located in the Plain City, OH area and need pest control services, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or start a free quote on our website today!

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We're proud to offer exceptional pest control and termite treatments for the Plain City, OH area along with all of greater Columbus!

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"I am a business owner myself and it’s nice to come across other businesses who actually care about their customers. Insight Pest Solutions has been exceptional."

Laurie Barker

"I had another company previously but still continuously saw bugs even after calling them out between treatments. I am very happy with the results of Insight."

Barbara Simpson

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"We will show up on time and greet you with a smile. Your pest concerns will be safely and quickly resolved. If you need an extra visit between your regular appointments, it's on us. If we can't get rid of the pests after a few re-treatments, your next paid service is free. We look forward to serving you!"

"We would be happy to answer any questions, provide a quote, or even give you some tips."

Adam Villareal

Owner, Insight Pest Solutions

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Bugs, Spiders, and other pests are busy building colonies in the cracks and crevices of your home like their lives depend on it.

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