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Bat Bugs vs. Bed Bugs – What’s the Difference?

August 11, 2020

It’s no doubt that you’ve heard horror stories about bed bugs. They are extremely irritating, and once the little bloodsuckers enter your home, you’ll need the help of a seasoned pest control company to get them out. 

The bed bug, and other members of their family, have been around for millenia, and before they made their homes in the bedding and clothes of humans, they lived in caves. But, even after they made their way out of caves, some of this family, appropriately named bat bugs, stayed behind to feed on the bats who also lived there.

Bat bugs can be found almost everywhere in the world, but especially where a nest of bats is located. Interestingly, they don’t nest on the bats themselves, but ride on them from place to place. But, if there isn’t a bat anywhere nearby, bat bugs will also feed on human blood if it’s available to them.

So, are you curious to learn the main differences between bed bugs and bat bugs and how you can prevent both from entering your home? This is the article for you! Keep reading to learn more.

Bat Bugs Vs. Bed Bugs

Bat bugs and bed bugs are extremely similar in appearance and behavior. In fact, if you look at them from a distance (and even up close), you wouldn’t find much of a difference at all. They both crawl, feed, and reproduce in the exact same ways.

But, they do, of course, have one distinct difference – their food preferences. Bed bugs prefer human blood, while bat bugs prefer bats. Additionally, even though bat bugs have been known to feed off of human hosts if there isn’t a bat around, they cannot reproduce without a bat host. 

In terms of their visual appearance, bed bugs are a reddish-brown color while bat bugs are either beige or dark brown, but they are so tiny that you wouldn’t be able to tell what color they are. So, to find concrete differences, you’ll need to use a microscope to see that, generally, bat bugs have longer hair on the upper covering of their thorax.

How to Get Rid of Bat Bugs and Bed Bugs

If you think that you have a bat bug infestation, you need to act fast. Luckily, there are some specific things you can do to get rid of them. First, cut them off from their food source, whether it be you or any bats that live on your property. If they are feeding on you, elevate your bed and any other furniture you frequent and lay bed bug traps. Neither species of pest is able to fly or jump, so they need to crawl in order to get to you. 

Next, you’ll need to rid your home and property of any bats that may be roosting there. Bats are pretty elusive creatures, so it’s not unheard of that your home would have a bat problem without you even knowing it. Bats sleep anywhere they can get in and out of easily, which can include can attics, barns, basements, cellars, and even inside of walls. But, don’t fret – bats aren’t harmful to humans. In fact, they act as natural pest controllers because they eat pests like mosquitoes and other flying insects. But, that doesn’t mean you want them in your home. 

To get rid of any bats, seal off any access points from your living spaces to where the bats can get in once they’ve left your home to feed or hibernate. You can do this by caulking small openings, fixing any broken doors or windows, and filling cracks. After you’re sure the bats are gone, you’ll be able to turn your full attention to the pests at hand.

Bat bugs will feed from humans, but they really prefer bats. Once you eliminate their favorite food source and make it harder for them to reach you, they will likely try to find food that’s easier to get to. Then, all you’ll need to do is disinfect your area and your pest problem will resolve itself.

Getting rid of bed bugs, on the other hand, can be a little tricky. They will take any opportunity to re-infest a space. So, why not leave the hard work and harsh chemicals to the professionals? We offer a thorough, comprehensive service which will leave you free of bed bugs for good!

Take back your bedroom space by eliminating any unwanted visitors and give Insight Pest Solutions a call today!

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