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5 Ways to Deter and Prevent Pests From Coming Inside This Winter

January 17, 2020

Here Are 5 Ways to Deter and Prevent Pests From Coming Inside This Winter


Winter is a time when every bug and pest needs no invitation to nest inside your home. For this reason, pest control is an essential part of your plans and preparation for the colder months.
It’s true, tiny bugs and mites like to think of the average home as a resting place in which they can keep warm through the season. However, this is certainly not what you should want or encourage!

But what can you do to pest-proof your home this coming winter?

Let’s take a look at the best ways to pest-proof your home this winter.

Now, you should fully understand that keeping pests out of the home is your own obligation. In other words, keep in mind that bugs are first and foremost attracted to crumbs and leftover food.

You see, as much as they look for warmth during the cold months, they also need something to eat. For this reason, leftover food is a disaster waiting to happen and the first item on this list.


1 Store Food in Airtight Containers

Insight Pest Solutions has a wealth of first-hand experience when it comes to pest-proofing your home in Winter. According to the experts, you can prevent this from happening by storing food in airtight containers and make sure that they are properly sealed and stored out of the way.

It might seem rather obvious but most owners fail to adhere to this important principle. Also, the local grocery store will usually sell these containers and they don’t cost very much either. At the same time, it’s worth noting how such containers will also keep this food fresh and ready to eat.

2 Seal Every Crack and Hole in the Home

Another great tip for pest control is to seal all cracks and holes around your home. More specifically, check exposed areas such as walls, roofing, or hardwood floors and ensure there are no points through which these bugs and pests can infiltrate the home.

3 Keep Things Dry and Remove Unnecessary Wood

As you may know, most pests and bugs like to inhabit areas that are moist and wet. With this in mind, make sure that all pipes and drains are free from clogs and clean them as much as possible to deter infestation. Moreover, check the garage or storage rooms for wet items or disposal bins that might have some form or residue or moisture inside. Just so you know, there are also different types of mites and some prefer to reside in wood. If you have any wood hanging around the home, it’s best to move these outside at the very least. In fact, this preventative measure is one of the best ways to move bugs away from the home entirely.

4 Pay Attention to Decoration Boxes and Christmas Groceries

Christmas shopping is inevitable and you might end up storing boxes or bulk groceries around the home. Pay special attention to these areas and ensure everything is dry and out of reach for unwanted pests. Also, keep in mind that decoration boxes have most likely sat in the attic for a long time which makes them vulnerable to bugs and pests as they look for a new home.

5 Time to Clear Out the Attic and Chimney

If you really want to drive them out, cleaning out the chimney and attic can prove beneficial for getting rid of mites. In fact, Insight Pest Solutions recommends that you do a ‘clean sweep’ and take care of every possible entry point or nesting area in anticipation of the winter months.

Now, would you like to take things a step further?

Final Thoughts

The truth is, a professional pest control service is the best way to deter and prevent pests from coming inside your home this winter. After all, these guys know exactly where to look and what measure to deploy in order to stop them from seeking refuge in the home. Either way, keeping the home clean is just the beginning when it comes to pest-proofing your home for winter.

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