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Bed Bugs

General Info:  Bed Bugs are one of the most important pests in the world.  They live in furniture and mattresses, popping out of hiding to feast on human flesh for 5 minutes each night.  People with a bed bug problem often have multiple bites, particularly around the chest, neck, and upper arms. (Bed bugs like Carbon Dioxide, which we exhale, so they generally stay near our upper-bodies.)

ALWAYS inspect hotel rooms, second-hand furniture and clothing, and anywhere else you suspect could have bed bugs. Resolving a bed bug problem rarely costs less than $500 (often MUCH more), so do everything you can to avoid bed bugs.

Length:   1/4″

Region Found:  Thoughout the United States

Residential Location:  Mattresses and furniture are the number one location for bed bugs.  They can also be found around cracks and crevices along baseboards and upholstery. They can enter the home through used furniture, backpacks, suit cases, pets, clothes, and more.

Random/Interesting Fact: After feeding, they move to secluded places for 5-10 days to digest their food, mate, or lay eggs.

Identification: They are flat and have a broad oval shape when unfed. They are swollen when fed.

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