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“I had another company previously but still continuously saw bugs even after calling them out between treatments. I am very happy with the results of Insight.”

Barbara Simpson

Raleigh, NC

“I am very happy with the service and especially with the lack of bugs! It works!”

Kathy Statler

Greenwood, IN

“I have used Insight Pest Control for two years and have been very happy. They communicate very well, are on time and very professional. I have noticed a huge difference since I started using them. “

John Balsmeier

Topeka, KS

Protecting home

We protect your home like it's ours

Our priority is protecting what you value most

Our customized applications produce results

Protecting health

Improving quality of life

Safe solutions for each problem

Protect all members of the family

Protecting environment

A responsible approach to pest control

Insight plants over 5000 trees each year

More Insight, fewer products

Why Do You Need Pest Control?

Gain Peace of Mind

Enjoy the comfort of your home without ants, wasps, and spiders invading. Don't stress about cleaning every crumb just to avoid hundreds of ants. We will keep these pests from interfering with your daily activities.

Preserve Your Health

Bugs and critters can be dangerous. Avoid the risk of venomous bites, known allergens, serious diseases, and other contaminants resulting from residential pest activity.

Protect Your Property

Pests can easily damage homes and decrease property values. Our customized service will not let pests establish themselves around your home. Be confident that you are protecting one of your largest assets.

Ready to Gain Control Over These Pests?

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“There was no need to call them back for a free visit because just as our tech said, within 2 weeks, our house was bug free.”

Megan Cady

Framingham, MA

Safety first

To maximize safety for everyone involved, we use the highest-quality products and carefully apply them according to label instructions. We use science, industry experience, and common sense to minimize product usage.

Kids and adults

You do not need to leave the home when we visit. Most of our products are odorless and colorless. Just to be careful, we invite you to wait 15 minutes for products to dry before touching the areas we treated.


We love pets. Dogs, Cats, and other mammals should have no problems. If you have birds, fish, or reptiles, we can still safely treat your home! Simply let us know ahead of time so we can use alternative methods near your pets.


Many of our products are actually plant-derived. Your grass, shrubs, trees, plants, or garden will not be affected by our products.

“We love insight because of their pet friendly chemicals.”

Jason Schulz

Concord, NC

in·sight - ˈinˌsīt

noun. the capacity to gain an accurate and deep intuitive understanding of a person or thing. We understand pest control. We have the solutions.

Common Pest Control Problems

Customer still seeing pest activity 2 weeks after a treatment

Customer has to constantly call for re-treatments

Technician over-applies pesticides in the home

Customer sees a different technician each time

Customer frustrated by lack of communication (appointments, customer service, billing)

"Expert" technician takes advantage of customer by selling unnecessary extra programs or treatments

Insight Pest Solutions

Most pests should be down in a week. Spiders may take two weeks. If you need a retreatment, we invite you to conveniently request one here.

We do our best to get it right the first time to prevent hassle for you.

The controlled use of many products absolutely plays a part in effective pest control. However, we use our knowledge of animal biology and behavior to actively look for safe solutions that minimize product applications.

After your initial treatment, you will have the same tech each time unless there is an emergency or a route boundary change.

We’re easy to get in touch with! You can receive phone or email notifications for appointments, leave feedback, ask questions, and more.

We want to earn your loyalty for a friendly, long-term relationship. If your technician suggests a termite treatment or other ‘extra’ program, he genuinely believes this is in your best interest.

“Fantastic company. Very service oriented. Pleased that I changed companies.”

Ed Onia

Charlotte, NC

The right people for your home

A successful experience in pest control is primarily determined by your technician

We hire and train the right people

We hire good people who genuinely understand quality customer service and reliability. Our technicians are not only licensed, but continue their education through our own Insight University.

We help each employee develop their abilities

We are big on employee development, so we created our own program to foster and reward excellence. Each technician works towards becoming an Insight

We provide you with the best expertise possible

Our techs are trained to find safe, effective solutions for a variety of situations. Unlike some companies, they are not simply given a truck and a bunch of chemicals.

“From the beginning of the sales process to the first visit by the service team; the staff of Insight Pest Solutions have been genuinely professional, informative and fun people to work with. The sales personnel were not pushy and followed-up in the process in an appropriate manner. Very polite. The service team is thorough and great to talk to. With Insight, you get everything you look for in pest control – knowledgable, professional and personality!”

Steven Packard

Blacklick, OH

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